IMD List for Indian Classical Music and Dance.

IMD List is an online project to promote and support Indian classical music and dance (IMD).

At IMD List, we celebrate IMD performances, acknowledge passionate IMD artistes and inspire IMD fans and students.

Indian classical music and dance have received worldwide appreciation and attracted huge following. Scores of fans learn various forms of Indian classical music and dances with love, and improvize, blend and perform IMD proudly in street corners to center stages!

IMD List showcases unique performances in Chips and lists IMD events. Artistes, fans, and event organizers are welcome to post IMD events on this platform for FREE!

Ambitious and exciting features are in development to profile IMD artistes and teachers, list performing opportunities, find artistic resources, seek knowledge, and more. Plenty more! IMD List will be simple, clutter-free and pleasant to use..

We invite artistes, teachers, learners, event organizers and fans to participate in IMD List and help each other. If you manage websites or social media pages related to IMD, we appeal to you to give a link to IMD List for the benefit of your members, friends and followers.

Find IMD List in social media, like us and follow us. Invite your friends to follow us as well! :) Also, sign-up to receive IMD List Newsletter, so you'd know what's going on here..

IMD List is FREE and will continue to be so for most part. We'd appreciate any and all help to source advertisements to cover the cost of developing and maintaining IMD List.

Currently, IMD List features events in the USA, but soon IMD List will cover more countries.

IMD List is a not-for-profit project - promoted and maintained by performing artistes and well-wishers. If you wish to write, edit or otherwise help IMD List, please contact us here.

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