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● Bharatanatyam
● Music and dance
Bengaluru, TN


● Carnatic instrumental
● Music and dance

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Saraswathi Vandana in the Raga Bageshree

Raga Bageshree (Bageshri) is used in music therapy for the treatment of diabetes and hypertension. Listening to the raga brings soothing calmness to the mind. While Bagesri is predominantly a Hindustani raga, it is equally popular in Carnatic music. Here is a beautiful rendition of Saraswathi Vandana in the Raga Bageshree, blending Hindustani and Carnatic styles of the raga in a fusion extravaganza.

Shakti: Indian Jazz band's Tiny Desk Concert

The Indian jazz fusion band, Shakti, with jazz guitarist John McLaughlin, tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, ghatam maestro Vikku Vinayakaram and violin virtuoso L. Shankar as its original members, is now fifty years old. Watch this production of tiny desk concert by NPR of Shakti with new members Shankar Mahadevan on vocals, Ganesh Rajagopalan on violin and Selva Ganesh Vinayakaram on mridangam, joining John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain. If you have not attended Shakti 50 concerts, here's a chance to watch their mesmerizing performance ! 

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